SAM Farha More than superstition

The popularity of SAM Farha’s online casino was a case of success during the night when he tackled neck and neck with Chris Money Rammer at the 2003 World Series of Poker. The triumph of the silver hoarder was a memorable event that both put him and Farha on the charts. Farha’s second rookery home and a prize money of $ 1.3 million. Just after his epic match with the Money Rammer, has arranged a rematch. This time Farha won the battle.

Farha won the 1996 World Series of Poker’s punt-limit Omaha Championship and won his first ever WSOP Gold bracelet. Farha have the preference to play Omaha at cash games. He is also working for Harrah’s Casino in Vegas as a spokesperson. As of 2004, Farha has accumulated over $ 1.5 million in tournament revenue.

Sam Farha was a native of Beirut, Lebanon. He was an excellent video game player and has a talent for reflex games. His specialties are pinball, pool and PACMAN. Her visual game prowess took her far off halls and arcades. He once won $ 5,000 PACMAN gaming and his outstanding skill in pinball gave him the opportunity to be on the cover of a Lebanese magazine.

When the civil war broke down in the late 1970s, Farha was still in its teens. He went to the United States to attend university at the University of Kansas. He graduated from college with a degree in business administration. Farha went to Houston, Texas to live with his brother and he worked several jobs before realizing his place in poker. He was around 1990 where he became a regular player in Las Vegas and eventually decided to go pro on his recently discovered career.

SAM Farha believes in superstition and equalizes practice even while he is at the tournament table. He was seen sporting his lucky cigarette at the same time, but never lights it. There was also an example that he cried out that his cigarette will go on because he was so hot winning a series of pots. He is also known for changing cigarettes unlit after a bad gambling game. The Farha model of the game is unpredictable and aggressive, and he has the skill to get the higher hand and the talent to intimidate his opponents.

Nowadays, Farha lives in Houston, Texas and he is currently writing a book. It is also busy running on a video game and a TV reality show about poker.

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