Review Of Roulette Killer And Sniper

I am going to speak about two roulette programs that are the most common and best selling ones currently available today. Both have been on sale since 2007 and both of them have sold in the thousands. However I should point out that both aren’t as popular as they once were due to increasing competition.

The first is called roulette sniper and this is probably the best selling roulette program ever made. It was definitely a better looking program than all other competitors when it first came out. It was actually also better with regards to what strategy was coded into it, but long term it still couldn’t beat roulette.

All it does is use what’s called a sleeper martingale strategy coded into it. To give a basic example of what this does, it will tell you to bet on parts of the table that have not come up recently. As an example, it will tell you to bet on a dozen that hasn’t hit for 9 spins and then you will increase your bets after every loss until you win.

Lots of people still bought this program, even though it isn’t a method that can be used to beat an online casino roulette over the long term. Due to its success, lots of people made copycat programs and even now in 2011, people are still copying roulette sniper and trying to sell it.

Another program that was released around the same time was roulette killer and this was definitely one to stay away from. The program generally looked really bad, it just told you where to bet, not how much to bet on each spin.

This is based on the last 10 spin results, if there have been 6 blacks and 4 reds, the program would tell you to bet on red next. This is just a complete fallacy, the seller was speaking about the possiblilty of making a monthly ten thousand dollars, this is total nonsense. The popularity of roulette killer has really fallen over the last few years due to word getting out that it just isn’t any good.

You can read much more about both of these programs and much more on the world’s largest online casino roulette strategy website. On their site you will find loads of information about roulette strategies and they also have a Free Roulette section for you to practice on.

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