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It’s been more than 1 year since my friend told me about poker. till that time i did not have any idea, how to play poker at all. He is pretty good in it and just taught me rules and all that stuff around. But what nobody can teach you, is bluffing and knowing your players around. You can get into the game very fast and it’s gonna get you. From beginning mostly you lose, if you lucky you win, then couple times lose again, just up and down. But it’s gonna get you. Because you got this feeling, next time i win, but you may not. So the most important on the game is get to know who you play with. Just focus on it. Worldpokermania gave me this chance, even though they dont have 1000’s players which i see as advantage, because mostly those players play once while and dont spend so much time with it.

I became addicted and play a lot of poker, mostly texas holdem, getting better and beating all players around. Since that time it seems to me making money is so easy…I just want to say to all guys they have ever thought about playing poker, begin in small poker room, in my opinion is the best choice, they got beautiful tables and great promotions and you learn all about poker there, you dont have to spend even dime to become a really good player, they got play money, no risk at all. After while, you better get going to play for real money, because of one reason. The players playing for points do not consider all the aspects of the game and play without any thinking ahead. Because of points they are not worried of the loss too much. You start at 0.050.15 tables to see how the poker should be played and you will love it. It just the most exciting card game in the world…

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